Women the System and the Illusion of Choice


It is essential all doulas have a firm grasp on how our western maternity system works. You may be asking why this is necessary. It is as important as anything we do as doulas. How can we really be great care providers if we do not have a thorough understanding of the system in which women are birthing?

We will be examining birth and our current system’s structure at an ideological level. You are encouraged to actively participate in discussion on how patriarchy within our society deeply effects how our maternity system works and how this impacts women's experiences.

Amazing Australian Birth Guru, mother and grandmother, Sheryl Sidery, Independent Midwife, Childbirth and Parenting Educator and Founder/ Director of, University Lecturer and Clinical Midwifery Educator and Mentor for Randwick’s Royal Hospital for Women’s Homebirth Program, will share her honest views and opinions about our birth system and how women experience their journey within this system.

Visionary, Australian midwife, International Educator, Jane Hardwicke Collings who is a mother, grandmother, Founder of The School of Shamanic Womancraft and The School of Women’s Mysteries, author of Ten Moons: The Inner Journey of Pregnancy, Preparation for Natural Birth, Becoming a Woman: A Guide for Girls Approaching Menstruation and Herstory, shares her examination of our birth culture and the effects the maternity system has on the very sacred rite of passage of women into motherhood.

So let’s begin!

Here Sheryl Sidery shares one of her favourite quotes from Milli Hill, Founder of the Positive Birth Movement.

"Birth is a fundamental feminist issue right now. The female body in childbirth has become sanitised and censored in recent decades. Covered by drapes, silenced by drugs and devoid of pubic hair. As a result, we have a generation of women who have rarely seen or heard the reality of childbirth and have been told that when you have a baby, you just leave your dignity at the door.

Many women approach birth with fear and perhaps worse still, often do not realise they have the right to say 'no' in the birth room, just as they do in the bedroom and the boardroom."

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