The value of motherhood

In this video, Sheryl Sidery talks about how in every single culture in the world, women surround themselves with other women when they become mothers. In a village, this would be other village women and in big cities, women seek out other like-minded women. These will be women who can parent together and enjoy their babies together, each learning so much from one another.

Sheryl says how vital the first year of motherhood is as mothers set sail in the world with their new identity as mothers. However in our culture, motherhood is not valued at all. Instead, we value the amount of money we earn and what our job description may be. This is the reason why Sheryl always says she is a mother first when introducing herself. Being a mother is probably the most important thing we ever do.

This article by 'Public Discourse' offers a similar point of view within the context of the USA.

This view—however well-meaning in its origin—has led to the mistaken and unjust social marginalization of the 10.4 million American women who fall under the description of “stay-at-home mother.” These full-time mothers, though they may look forward to being cherished and revered by their children (eventually!), are viewed by society as something akin to couch potatoes. Even the label “stay-at-home mom” evokes such an image—as if such mothers, when approached by an opportunity to get an actual job or make a real difference in the world, respond “No thanks, I think I’ll stay at home.”

What are your thoughts on how this lack of value of motherhood has come into existence?

Are capitalist values also part of a patriarchal system?

If you are a mother yourself, can you identify any of these experiences in your own mothering journey?