morbidity and mortality in the maternity system

To understand maternal morbidity please see the World Health Organisation article here

Sheryl Sidery in the first video below says she so often sees when women have had a negative birth experience that a pattern develops. The woman has become dependent on the healthcare system that cared for her in her mothering journey. Then she becomes dependent on the GP and the Early Childhood centre as a way of trying to mirror back to her if she is ok. Nobody is telling her if she is doing a great job and she totally lacks confidence in herself. It's so sad.

The video below is Jane Hardwicke Collings discussing how birth violence is being normalised. Jane stresses that women are accepting what is happening as normal when it is so abnormal and so not OK!

She says what is happening is that the system measures mortality but actually what we all see is so much morbidity. Morbidity says Jane is what people have to live with and it really matters and that is where we should be focussing, to reduce morbidity and the damage done.

Have you met women like the ones Sheryl describes who have had a negative birth experience and lose their self confidence, becoming dependent on their GP/ family doctor and Early Childhood Centres to check if what they are doing is ok? How might our system build women's self empowerment instead?

Do you agree with Jane that 'birth violence' is being normalised? What are you thoughts on what birth violence might encompass?

What is birth morbidity? Is it a measurement of physical injury sustained at birth? Is the psychological impact of morbidity a measurable consideration when examining this subject?